CNC Pilot 640 Helps Achieve Exceptional Turning Results

If you are looking for a machine that offers strong turning results, then you might have an interest in the CNC PILOT 640. All you have to do is press the button to get high-end turning results. You can get them from CNC distributors in your area.

Using the Best Tools

For several years, the CNC distributors machine has received attention because of its advantages in making turning operations easier. This is why it is great for applications that require ease of use and high productivity.

The machine combines an optimized motion control with a program generating feature that can save up to 90 percent of time during programming. The strong machine lets you produce items at high capacity reliably and still offering exceptional quality. Even if your batch size is just one, the complex geometries of the workpiece will be hard at work.

You can specify the material to use. The function takes care of many tasks, such as:

  • Creating NC blocks.
  • Analyzing your contours.
  • Selecting the cutting data and tools.
  • Selecting the right machining strategy.

Interactive Contour Programming (ICP)

Sometimes, you might have to worry about complicated parts or incomplete dimensions of the part. ICP can allow you to describe the elements of the contour the way the drawing dimensions them. Or you can import your contour from your DXF drawing file. The machine can then calculate any coordinates that are missing. It might also look for center points or intersections, as long as they can get mathematically defined.

If there are multiple solutions, the control will then display the possible variants mathematically. That way, you can select the one that you most prefer. You can also use the machine tool supply to modify any existing contours.

There is a very detailed and high-resolution 3D stimulation that the machine can generate for you. It can help you to preview the machining results for drilling, machining, and turning processes before you begin the actual machining process.

Ease of Use

It is very intuitive and simple to navigate the machine. You can easily rotate your view on the axis part and then you can inspect your workpiece blank visually. You can also look at the finished parts from almost every angle.

Of course, you can zoom in on different features, such as the C-axis contours. These are on lateral surfaces or the front faces, and on the Y-axis contours for tilted planes.

Choose the Best Machine Tool, Distributors

Using the CNC Pilot 640 is a great way of getting better turning results. If you want to know more about it, contact Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. today to learn more about why we are one of the best machine tool distributors around.