CNC Controls from Single Source for Modern Machine Tools

Today, builders of machine tools need to have shorter commissioning and mounting times for electric equipment for their machinery. These professionals need position encoders to deliver redundant and safe position values to dual-channel controls. This is especially the case for systems and machines related to safety. Many CNC distributors around the country are striving to offer better-quality machine tools.

Improvements to Safety

Companies like HEIDENHAIN have an emphasis on application-oriented presentations for controls. These companies are offering new improvements and features to controls for TNC machinery. One of the most important features is Dynamic Collision Monitoring for the milling and setup operations. And with the KinematicsOpt functions, it is easy to increase a machine tool’s positioning accuracy.

With functional safety, a company can do its best to reduce or completely eliminate the risks that can occur during impaired or normal operation of facilities and machinery. Redundant systems are vital for achieving this goal. For instance, an axis might need to have redundant information on the position, as well as dual-channel control and safety systems. That way, the axis can perform a corresponding function.

TNC Controls

The TNC controls for milling machines or machining centers have several advanced options. For example, because five-axis operations involve complex motions, it is hard to predict the axis movements. But with expanded Dynamic Collision Monitoring, you can relieve the machine operator and prevent machine damage.

Meeting New Requirements

Today, the requirements for accuracy are becoming stricter. That is especially true when it comes to five-axis machining. Companies need complex parts that have reproducible accuracy and precision, even over a long period. With HEIDENHAIN products with features such as KinematicsComp and KinematicsOpt, these needs can become a reality.

For instance, KinematicsOpt can measure a machine’s rotary axes with a touch probe in your spindle. The results will be the same, whether your axis was a swivel head, tilting table, or rotary table. The right software can reduce spatial errors from your tilting movements. In the end, it can save your machine geometry in the respective machine constants.

With the KinematicsComp feature, the control can compensate for the component error and geometrical position of the axes of the machine tool. This prevents unwanted movement.

Choose a Top CNC Distributor

Maintenance Diagnostic Systems Inc. is a top CNC machine distributor offering a range of angle and linear encoders, digital readouts, and rotary encoders for critical positioning jobs. We offer products from top suppliers, such as HEIDENHAIN. You can use these products with machine tools that require a high level of precision, and you can also use them in plants that produce electrical parts.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in the field, and we are always happy to help you choose the right products for your facility. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our machine tool supply.