Analyzing the Encoders by Heidenhain for Industrial Robots

Industrial robots are so useful because they offer efficiency to a company. To function, they need to be durable and do the job quickly. That requires power. Companies that must move heavy objects around often choose to use robots, especially when they assemble vehicles or other large objects. However, sometimes robots do not have the best positional accuracy when it comes to some kinds of work. The good news is that this is changing rapidly. That is partly because of the new rotary encoders that companies such as Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. offer.

The Advantages of Rotary Encoders

One reason that so many industries are turning to these tools is the accuracy that the encoders offer. For instance, the aerospace industry can benefit greatly from the tools. That is because they have to keep their operations extremely accurate, no matter what size the application is. The issue with using a machine tool is that it is highly expensive and is not very flexible for the job.

That is why robots are so commonly used. They can move around large objects with ease and reach even the most difficult of spaces. For example, in the aerospace industry, they might be able to get to the fuselage. Then the robot can do the necessary jobs on the component.

How Is Accuracy Affected?

For nearly any type of application, you need to ensure that the center of your tool gets used correctly. That might include ensuring that you guide the arm with the right level of accuracy. However, if you are using an industrial robot, you might find some limitations. For instance, if you have a robot that works on six axes, there could be some deviation.
It is critical to have no inaccuracies. That means that you should have no position errors in the application. During the machining process, the robot’s accuracy might suffer some effects from dynamic movements.

How Well Do They Work?

Today, there are more advanced calibration methods used. That means that tools can move to a specific location very accurately. The process also offers repeatability. However, with robots, the absolute position accuracy is not quite as good.
Several factors affect accuracy with robots, such as the maximum range, design, and how large of a load they can handle. The absolute position accuracy that robots can achieve is not sufficient for many industries, such as aerospace. That is why you need to buy a rotary encoder.

Choose the Best Rotary Encoders Supplier

When it comes to rotary encoders, Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. is your go-to source. Contact us today if you want to know more about what we have to offer here. One of our friendly representatives will get back to you shortly to help you buy a rotary encoder.