A Look at the Benefits of Equator Gauging

When it comes to controlling your processes, nothing beats the Equator gauging system. For instance, when you have applications where you need to produce different parts in batches every several weeks, its ability to move from one part to the next is indispensable. Turning to one of the top Renishaw distributors will help you get your own.

Reduce Scrap

You can reduce the amount of money you spend on scrapping parts with process control. Whether you use it as a stand-alone or as an automated in-line, the Equator gauge’s speed allows you to go from sample inspection to inspecting parts 100 percent. That will improve the capability of your process.

By using the Process Monitor function, your operators will receive charts and bar graphs with data in real-time. That way, you can correct the process before you make any scrap.

Reduce Bottlenecks

Often, CMMs are in temperature-controlled areas of the shop. Access is often at a premium, and parts are often in queues for measurement. That means you might have delays when waiting for inspection data. The delays might mean you have to pause production, or you may continue it without knowing if you make the parts to tolerance.

This Renishaw product’s operation speed and versatility make it easy to switch between parts, and you will have short cycle times. The system has a thermal insensitivity, which lets you save time by directly gauging the parts on your shop’s floor.

Lower Ownership Costs

Although you might think it’s an investment to purchase an Equator gauge in the beginning, you can see returns on your investment quickly. By replacing manual measurement with an automated Ballbar Renishaw system, you can decrease your labor costs while increasing your throughput. Getting an Equator system is only a fraction of the cost of getting an equivalent custom solution. You can also reprogram the gauging system, which means you will not need to pay for the expensive reworking of your custom gauges for new parts.

Easy Automation

The demand for automated manufacturing is growing more every year. That means that many Equator applications have integrated automation. For example, you can supply the Equator EZ-IO kit with an Equator system and use it with automation integrators. This allows the equipment and system to communicate with each other. Typically, a shuttle system or a robot will load the parts on the Equator gauging system.

Turn to One of the Top Renishaw Distributors

We offer lower rates on training and field support than the manufacturer. Plus, we’ll take care of things if there is a breakdown. With these and other benefits, you might be wondering where you can get your own Renishaw products. Luckily, Maintenance Diagnostic Systems Inc. offers a full range of products. Contact us today to learn how you can get your hands on an Equator gauge.