Task: To make sure the inboard and outboard bores are in-line with one another.
Make legs to fit 36” diameter hole and set up for laser to pass through on centerline.

Issues: Since the job had to be competed outside we had to cover the bridge weldment with a tarp to reduce wind and sun interfering with the laser and target.

A platform was constructed to provide a place to set our laser and the optical steering mirror for alignment.

Process: Once set up we shot into the front bore front and back to within .0001” vertically and horizontally. This is done by taking readings at 0°and 180°at the front and rear of your datum points, and adjusting the laser until you are shooting through the center of both datum points.

Once Completed: Then we shot into the rear bore front and back to determine the alignment. To confirm our findings we also shot into the front of the front bore and the rear of the rear bore and checked the front of the rear bore and the rear of the front bore.

Bridge shaft alignment
Draw Bridge Shaft
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