Hamar Bore/Extruder Training

Prerequisite: None

Class Length: 8 Hours

Class Size: 6 Students


It will provide the necessary information to operate the software and equipment. This course will give the trainees the knowledge of proper bore alignment using the laser as the datum and T-218, A-510 targets to measure bores.


This course will provide theory explanation and hands on training in the following areas:

  1. Proper alignment procedures.
  2. Inspection areas requiring periodic examination.
  3. Equipment identification and operation.
  4. Equipment installation and connections.
  5. Software installation and operation for Read8/Bore8.
  6. Set-up and measurement of barrel using the Hamar Laser Extruder Alignment System (L-705/L-706 system).


Trainee will be able to:

  1. Determine the amount of bore misalignment to the laser datum.
  2. Correctly assemble and install target adapter, laser, and target.
  3. Correctly connect the equipment (target, interface/readout, laser and computer).
  4. Install, set-up, and operate the Hamar Bore software.


Training @ MDS Facility- $400.00 Per Person
In-Plant Training- $1,500.00 Plus Expenses

Training rates do not include travel or living expenses for instructor when performing in-plant training. Manuals are $50.00 each. Refer to the field service rate sheet for expenses.