Hamar Shaft Alignment

Prerequisite: None

Class Length: 16 Hours

Class Size: 6 Students


It will provide the necessary information to operate the software and equipment. This course will give the trainees the knowledge of proper coupling alignment, comparing straight edge, reverse dial and the laser. This will reduce downtime and allow longer life of the rotary equipment within the plant.


This course will provide theory explanation and hands on training in the following areas:

  1. Basic types of mechanical couplings.
  2. Proper alignment procedures.
  3. Inspection areas requiring periodic examination.
  4. Equipment identification and operation.
  5. Equipment installation and connections.
  6. Software installation and operation for Coupling 4.
  7. Set-up and measurement of shaft/couplings using the Hamar Laser Shaft Alignment System (S-740 or S-650 system).


Trainee will be able to:

  1. Describe the main and secondary functions of couplings.
  2. Determine the amount of offset and angular mis-alignment.
  3. Measure coupled and uncoupled shafts for misalignment and repair.
  4. Correctly identify motor shaft thrust, radial play, bent shaft, soft foot and other problems associated with shaft alignment.
  5. Correctly assemble and install brackets, target, and the laser on the coupling.
  6. Correctly connect the equipment (target, interface, laser and computer).
  7. Install, setup, and operate the Hamar coupling software.


Training @ MDS Facility- $400.00 Per Person

In-Plant Training- $3,300.00 Plus Expenses

Training rates do not include travel or living expenses for instructor when performing in-plant training. Manuals are $50.00 each. Refer to the field service rate sheet for expenses. For international training where travel will incur a day of travel each way, an additional charge of $1,600.00 will be assessed.